National Nurses Day Quotes 2021 for Celebration – Wishes, Status, Messages, Greetings, Sayings

It’s National Nurses Day! To celebrate, we have some lovely gifts for you. Our first gift is a magazine subscription to Nursing Today Magazine which will be delivered electronically and provide nurses with up-to-date information on the latest innovations in nursing practice as well as practical tips and advice from professional clinicians who are at the forefront of healthcare innovation. As our next present, enjoy one year worth of access to Medscape Plus including 100+ continuing medical education courses that conform to ACCME requirements so they can keep their knowledge current while meeting all state licensing board guidelines. We hope these thoughtful presents make your day just a little bit brighter!

On a day that is set aside to recognize the contributions of nurses, it’s important not only for them but also their families and friends. National Nurses Day celebrates all those who have chosen this noble profession as well as recognizing how vital they are in society today.

Nurses Day is celebrated on May 6th each year in the United States as a time to honor nurses and nursing. This day was created by The American Nurses Association, so that all of us can show our appreciation for these compassionate people who work tirelessly every single day caring for others!

National Nurses Day has been observed annually since 1974 when it first became recognized nationally through a joint resolution sponsored by Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA) and signed into law President Nixon. On this occasion we celebrate not only those dedicated individuals carrying out their noble profession but also remember with gratitude all nurses past or present – whether they were family members, friends or neighbors.”

National Nurses Day
National Nurses Day

Happy National Nurse’s Day Wishes, Quotes, Status,  Messages, SMS, Greetings, Sayings

  • Happy National Nurse’s Day to our amazing school nurse! Be sure to email her and tell her how much you appreciate her!
  • Happy National Nurses Day to my favorite nurse who puts her life on the line every day with such grace! We love you Kaila Hulls.
  • Happy National Nurses Day! Our nurses deserve tremendous recognition every day of the year. You are the best of the best, our champions of the frontline.  Thank you!
  • We don’t know where we would be without all the nurses out there. We appreciate EVERYTHING you do. You risk your lives for our health every single day and we can’t express our gratitude enough. Happy National Nurses Day!!
  • Nurses dispense comfort, compassion, and caring without even a prescription. – Val Saintsbury
    Happy National Nurses Day
  • Happy National Nurse Day. You are truly essential workers to not only the students but their families and the staff you work alongside. Red heart
  • Happy National School Nurse Day! We appreciate all that you do to take care of our students and staff! We love and thank you.

National Nurses Day is a time to recognize the nurses who have made it their life’s work, and commitment.

A day for gratitude of what these people provide in terms of medical care that many others would not be able to give without them. It also helps remind us just how important they are too our lives by promoting awareness about health issues such as cervical cancer which can often go unnoticed because some symptoms do not manifest until later stages when treatment options become more limited. On this occasion we should all show appreciation towards those who take on one of the most difficult jobs at times but through doing so make an immense contribution to society each and every single day.

Nurses are the unsung heroes of modern medicine. Since they were first recognized in 1909, nurses have been instrumental to providing medical care for patients and assisting physicians with their duties. In fact, nursing is one of America’s largest industries employing more than 2 million people!

To celebrate National Nurses Day on May 6th by acknowledging all that these hardworking professionals do throughout our country every day, we’re giving you a sneak peek at some incredible statistics about this noble profession: – Today there are nearly 3 million nurses working across America – More than half work full time; 10% work part time or per diem shifts – One out five nurse anesthetists has completed postdoctoral program training


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