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Happy Rosh Hashanah – Jewish New Year 2020- Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Greetings, Text & SMS! Rosh Hashanah, which translates to “head of the year” and is the Jewish New Year, will begin on Friday, September 18, 2020. The holiday is celebrated on the first and second day of Tishri – the seventh month of the Jewish religious year. Tishri usually coincides with parts of September and October in the Gregorian calendar. The Jewish New Year celebrations will end at nightfall on Sunday, September 20.

How to celebrate Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah celebrations include prayers at the synagogue and the blowing of the “shofar” – a ram’s horn trumpet. Approximately 100 blasts can often be heard throughout the New Year at the synagogue, symbolising a call for repentance.

It is customary to have big feasts on both nights of Rosh Hashanah and customary dishes include honey cake, brisket, tzimmes and apples and honey to symbolise the hope for a sweet new year.

When is Rosh Hashanah 2020?

Rosh Hashanah is the name for the celebration of Jewish New Year and is one of the most important holidays in the Jewish calendar. The celebration is the first of what is known as High Holidays or High Holy Days, a ten-day stretch which culminates in Yom Kippur. The Yom Kippur begins in the evening of Friday, September 18 and ends in the evening of Sunday, September 20.

Rosh Hashanah Wishes for Family 2020

  • With the warmest thoughts of Rosh Hashanah, I pray to Lord for your better health and betterment! Shana Tovah! xoxo
  • Wishing for a better life on this new year, let’s take the oath to become better human beings on this Rosh Hashanah! Shana Tovah!
  • May each day of the upcoming new year be filled with cheers, contentment, affluence, and all the good things! Happy Rosh Hashanah! Shana Tovah!
  • I feel honoured to be a part of such an amazing and loving family, Happy Rosh Hashanah! I love you and miss you all so much. xoxo
  • Lord loves me so much that he always keeps me surrounded by the love of you guys. You people made me the person I am today! Happy Rosh Hashanah, fam!
  • Wishing you a year full of laughter and moments worth treasuring! May the year shine brighter for you, Happy Rosh Hashanah! Shana Tovah!

Rosh Hashanah Greetings Quotes 2020:

“We meet today to thank Thee for the era done and Thee for the opening one.” – John Greenleaf Whittier

“May it be Your will, Lord our God and God of our ancestors, that you renew for us a good and sweet year.” – Hebraic Berakhah

“Rosh Hashana is steeped in ritual. We eat the head of a sheep or fish as a symbol of leadership and ascendency. We dip our challah and apple in honey in the hope of a sweet year.”- Rabbi Eliyahu Hoffmann

“Like an apple tree among trees of the forest, so is my beloved among the youths.” – Song of Songs 2:3

“As long as the candle is still burning, it is still possible to accomplish and to mend.” – Rabbi Yisrael Salanter

Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah Greetings 2020:

“The Devil did not tempt Adam and Eve to steal, to lie, to kill, to commit adultery; he tempted them to live independent of God.” – Bob Jones, Sr.

“The key to understanding the themes of Rosh Hashanah is the date. The Day of Judgment for the world was not chosen arbitrarily but is specifically on this date — not because it is the first day of the year, but because it is the anniversary of the creation of Adam and Eve.” – South Africa’s Chief Rabbi, Dr. Warren Goldstein


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