Apple iPhone 11 Release Date, Rumors, Price, Specs, Leak, Review

We are going to introduce Apple iPhone 11, which is going to be the focus. Its purest form, with more surprises the new device Apple, has decided to name iPhone 11. This terminal will place the foundations of what many manufacturers will start releasing in 2019. Apple has introduced a great smartphone the iPhone 11 as expected. Although with very different technical specifications and design, it comes to replace within the best mobile catalog.  Recent leaks recommend that Apple would be working on a new iPhone 11 in which we will see new hardware power. Today, we tell you the features, specifications, and price of the iPhone 11. The new Apple devices are precisely expected exceptional features. The iPhone new mobile model will be the most available. The device will be most attractive for those seeking a mid-point.

apple iphone 11

Apple iPhone 11 Release Date:

The new iPhone 11 may be available from September 2019. The big bet of Apple for next year with this high-end terminal will come to overcome the markets. It will have a competitor to beat by Android manufacturers from now until September of next year.

Apple iPhone 11 Features:

The new iPhone 11 would arrive at the market with famous improvements for its performance, for example, its RAM would rise to 4 GB and its processor would have 2.49 GHz clock speed. It seems that would be the A12 chip already nearby in the Geekbench 4 registers. It adopts its design, with subtle differences in construction. It takes it to 6.5 inches diagonally to turn the iPhone XS Max into the biggest terminal in the manufacturer’s history. The most economical terminal, the iPhone 11 renounces the triple-lens rear camera and the OLED panel to offer the most aggressive price of the trio.

This terminal comes with more update than the X range of Apple more accessible. The iPhone new device is the logical evolution of the iPhone X, a terminal similar to that of the previous generation, which improves processor and camera as well as 3,300-3,400 mAh battery management. The design is identical to the last generation. They claim to have improved the resistance of the rear window. The iPhone 11 eliminates the Plus label for its part, which was so good to Apple. This terminal will come with a big screen and greater battery than its siblings will the ideal alternative for those looking at Apple a smartphone for multimedia consumption and intensive use.

apple iphone 11

The Apple A12 Bionic focuses on the performance and battery 15% more in the largest cores being the first processor in the world manufactured. It will include 6 cores for your CPU and 4 for your GPU. That promises the greatest efficiency again. The same SoC may include a neuronal 8 cores for processes related to AI and machine learning. The new iPhone has a physical response of 120hz. That allows the facility and the response of the screen to be highest. The audio has also improved according to Apple, and both the camera and the screen have greatly improved. In the case, the device is able to build the portrait mode with a single camera.

Apple iPhone 11 Price:

The new iPhone 11 may not be a cheap phone, in fact, it is expected that the lowest priced the new terminals will exceed a thousand dollars mostly.

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