Nokia Beam Compact 2020: Release Date, Price, Specs & Features

Nokia Beam Compact: What this article contains? In this article, we are going to share the latest technology of Smartphone. We all know that there are many types of brands in the world of smartphones. At this moment, Nokia is one of the most popular and wonderful Brand in the world of technology.

Nokia company release a new version smartphone this year for its valuable customers. Whose name is Nokia Beam Compact 2020? These smartphone brands always bring new smartphones to the market with their best performance. It is an upcoming smartphone that would be able to fulfill all demands of the valuable customer.

Believe us, the upcoming Nokia Beam Compact includes all facilities which you might want from a smartphone. Here the below some rumored specifications available about the Nokia Beam Compact 2020 Release Date, Price, Specifications, Features, Concept, Design & More. So, staying with us and continue reading this content.

Nokia Beam Compact 2020 Price & Release Date:

We don’t have any specific idea when Nokia will release this phone. That’s because still, they didn’t share any information. But somehow we managed to know that, Though, the official date is not announced yet. The Nokia Beam Compact 2020 release date could fall in the third quarter of this year. Nokia will charge a good amount of money. Concerning the cost, the   Nokia Beam Compact price starts around $619 ~ Rs. 47, 189. The expected release date of the Nokia Beam Compact 2020 is August 29,2020.

Nokia Beam Compact 2020

Nokia Beam Compact 2020 specs:

At the very beginning, the Nokia handset always offers a beautifully designed phone with the top features. Now, keep on to discuss the new phone configurations! In terms of the display, the Nokia phone specs feature 7.2-inch Super AMOLED with a 4K resolution. Besides, both the front and back arrives with high-gloss and premium Gorilla Glass 6 protection.

Right after that, we would like to talk about the security system. You will get an under-display fingerprint scanner for better security. That’s why? you won’t have to remain tensed about the security of your phone.

The power source of this device, the hardware of this phone is all about the latest technology. For the processor, the Nokia device drives the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 5G chipset. Isn’t it something which you expected? Obviously you did. That’s why this phone is made with that specific chipset. So, Most of the people remain anxious about their processor. It’s quite logical also.

How about memory storage? You know what? Nokia Beam Compact includes a huge 12GB RAM just to ensure that you use the phone with great comfort. RAM size is really important for you. So this massive RAM will ensure that whenever you use this phone you use it with actual satisfaction. After hearing about the RAM size you might be thinking about the storage space, right? That’s quite obvious, that’s why this phone has a storage space of 256GB & 512GB. You can choose any one of them according to your need.

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Nokia Beam Compact 2020: Processor, Storage, Operating system

The power source of this device, the hardware of this phone, is about the latest technology. For the processor, the Nokia device runs Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 5G chipset. Is this not something you expected? Of course, you did. That’s why this phone is made with that specific chipset. So, most people are concerned about their processor. This is also quite logical.

How about memory storage? Do you know The Nokia Beam Compact includes a huge 12GB of RAM to make sure you use the phone with any comfort? RAM size is really important to you. So this huge RAM will ensure that you use this phone with genuine satisfaction whenever you use it. You might be thinking of storage space when you hear about RAM size, right? This is pretty obvious, which is why this phone has 256GB and 512GB of storage space. You can choose any of these to suit your needs.

Now, it’s time to talk about the operating system. Frankly, today’s generation of mobile phone users values the operating system very much. Nokia understands this too. That’s why they always ensure the latest and up-to-date operating system. Underneath the hood, Nokia works on Android 10 as the flagship operating system. So we hope you really know the value of this operating system. It actually gives you the freedom to do whatever you want to do.

Thank you so much for reading the full content and we hope you understood the full detail of Nokia Beam Compact 2020. We are also happy to share with you the full details of this Nokia Beam Compact 2020 smartphone. If you have any kind of questions, share it with us. As soon as possible we will reply!


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