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Xiaomi Mi9 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, Rumored! Xiaomi is going to present in China as its new flagship. As one of the leading brands in mobile telephony, they try to keep the position itself. We will brief about the Xiaomi Mi 9 features. During the last few weeks, there were many doubts about the processor. Now it is official it will come with one of the chips of the moment, the Snapdragon 945. Let us know the rest of the features of Xiaomi Mi 9. Xiaomi will apply the new technology in this Smartphone.

We know some of its characteristics, the price and the date in which the two new Xiaomi devices will release. With respect to the Mi 9, it will be the first Xiaomi Smartphone to incorporate an octa-core 3.9 GHz processor. It will become the flagship of the Chinese brand par excellence. Xiaomi thus adds to the trend that seems to be percolating little by little in some manufacturers. The main role of the presentation has been the design, to which they have devoted a large part of the event.

Xiaomi Mi9 Release Date:

In Xiaomi they are very proud of the finish of this rear window. Emphasize that the process gives it shape consists of 40 steps. They said due to the beautiful finish it could achieve. There is an official date dictated by Xiaomi. The Mi 9 expected to arrive simultaneously in April 2019. The Xiaomi Mi 9 will begin to be sold in China on April 29. The phone will initially be available in three colors: Gold, Black, and White. However, during the presentation, they showed a silver tone. In which they still claim to be working and that will not be available at launch.

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Xiaomi Mi9 Features:

Xiaomi has introduced the new high-end Android phone from its catalog. In the middle, we have been able to see the details features of this device. The Chinese company has presented its new proposal for the high-end Android with sizes and prices contained remote. The first aspect of hardware that has shown in the presentation is the one that refers to its processor. The chip that controls the best mobiles of what we have of the year. Thanks to 3D graphics technology, the games will benefit greatly from this option. The first occasion in a Mi device reaches this amount of random memory. It promises to perform better with the help of Android 9.0 OS.

The device equipped with the new Snapdragon Qualcomm 945 octa-core 3.9 GHz processor with Adreno 540 GPU. The Smartphone accompanied by 9 GB RAM, with internal memory. The storage capacities also are expandable to 256 GB micro SD card. Regarding storage, it comes with two available options: 64 GB and 129 GB. A 4000 mAh battery will power all this function. We have the highest capacity battery if we compare it with those of our competitors. At least with some models, it is true the Huawei P20, the Samsung Galaxy S9, etc. Regarding the screen, they have chosen a panel of 5.7 inches that reaches the 4K display. We also get a 4096 x 2160-screen resolution in this Smartphone. That it is an ideal phone to use under intense sun outdoors. Few changes in the resolution they maintain the HD display.

Xiaomi MI9

The company will include a special technology that will help protect your eyes from the blue light. The brightness will be very high at night. Xiaomi Mi9 will have 4096 levels of brightness adjustment, and adapt to the environment to disturb as little as possible. With the reading mode, they say they reduce the emission of blue light without losing the colors on the screen. At night, they are able to show notifications up to 1 nit brightness. Xiaomi smartphones are usually quite elegant in this case have focused. The design is to create a new blue color with a slightly golden and pink.

Xiaomi Mi9 Rumors:

Xiaomi has chosen to return to a chassis bounded by a frame and bezel-less displays. In this case, also bet on a curved glass back. We have seen it with a more curved soft with a 4K resolution display. In fact, the brand presumes that it is curved at four extremes the corners themselves are rounded. Users will get a true UHD experience. The phone is prepared to resist splashes, as they have explained. Xiaomi has given more details on the degree of Corning Gorilla Glass 7 protection system. In addition, there will be another special edition. While the normal phone will include a steel frame, there is a Ceramic Edition with ceramic back instead of glass.

xiaomi mi 9

According to rumors specifications, it is able to achieve a 10x digital zoom. It is a more resistant finish. If you want to connect some headphones, you cannot do it in the traditional way. You will have to resort to the USB type-C or Bluetooth. In return, they have included dual speakers that produce a “stereo” effect. Many expected something; this diagonal terminal is emerging as the perfect for a powerful Android phone. The common in the industry have improved vision in the dark with the blue light filtering without worsening the vision of the screen. This panel is able to lower the brightness a lot. So it can use in the dark comfortably.

Xiaomi Mi9 Concept:

The front and rear area are created with glass. On both sides, we have larger curved sides. That surely improves the ergonomics of this model. On the front, we also see the fingerprint sensor with ultrasonic technology. That we already had in Xiaomi Mi 7. That allows placing it under the glass. Although on previous occasions that has diminished its effectiveness. In the device, we see the USB Type C connector next to the speaker. It confirmed that it would not have a conventional headphone jack, the 3.5 mm jack. We will have a double slot for SIM cards. Although none of them seems to be hybrid.

Note that the Mi 9 comes with Wi-Fi technology, GPS, Bluetooth, 4G, 5G network and NFC. We will have the best connectivity in Wife. That, according to Xiaomi will allow a greater range of its Wi-Fi connectivity. It allows greater navigation speed. You may see in the back of all the photos are the double camera. As in other models of the brand here, we will have a 20 MP+ 20 MP duel rear camera as seen in the leaks. That includes the 19 MP front lenses one of the wide angles. With them, they manage to make 2x optical zoom.

We will get a sensor to take panoramic pictures. It is more conventional and another to make portraits. The new software will support this sensor. That improves the detection of people’s edges and creates a sensation more similar to professional SLR cameras. An expected issue, but that has not materialized is the resistance to water. It is that the firm has described it as Splash Resistant. That is resistant to splashes if it meets any IP certification. That gives us an idea of the concrete resistance. To avoid problems, they have also sealed the SIMs slot. Therefore, that water cannot enter this space.

Thanks to a special algorithm, they see with very few losses. Like the Xiaomi previous device includes a four-axis stabilizer. The Mi 9 also includes it as one of its main photographic features, with a defocus effect of the background. It’s at least in the sample images seem quite successful, we will see in real environments. It is clear that the Chinese company has taken reference in this section, with a belt and very similar characteristics on paper. We will wait to test it to see if it will be in practice.

Xiaomi Mi9 Pre-Order:

Preorders are going to be started very soon. The preorders may be an excellent way to get a flagship on the launch day. There is still much doubt in other markets where the company has yet to make their mark. The new Xiaomi Mi 9 will be available in China and in other countries. There the company has a presence. If we want it in the West, we will have to import it as expected.

Xiaomi Mi9 Price:

We know the prices that will reach stores that sell online. We have the phone at the official store for local sale. As a guide, we have added the equivalence in dollars. That does not mean that this will be the final price in dollars. Undoubtedly, it is a very competitive price taking into account the technical specifications of each Smartphone. We will get the Smartphone with the price of around $450 USD.

A design is expected, for both devices, in a combination of glass and metal. Another aspect that talked about enough is the alleged wireless charge. That will have in the Mi9. Xiaomi surprises with each new delivery. Despite being a leak, the device undoubtedly points to being two clear competitors for the rest of the Smartphone Company.


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